Topic Groups
A North Point Community Church Group
Group Interest for Adults in Their 20s
Who is this group for
• Men in Their 20s
• Single & Married People
• Women in Their 20s
• Young Professionals
What you can expect

Your twenties are full of transitions and questions, which is why we created North Point Young Adults (NPYA). NPYA is a place to help you find genuine community, experience authentic worship, and develop a love of Scripture. On the 3rd Thursday every month, these groups will meet at North Point Community Church to experience a message and worship together. Other weeks in the month, these groups will meet all across the city for relationship building and intentional conversations with others around your age. Our staff will assign you to a group based on your preferences and will send out group details by Friday, February 4.

When and Where
Regular meeting schedule & time:
Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m.
Alpharetta • North Point Community Church
Your leader will reach out with details.